Expanded Member Race updates – Bishopbriggs Sprint, May 2017

Bishopbriggs race reports – Club Members reports

As well as the shorter updates set in after Bishopbriggs, I was sent 3 larger and more in-depth reports from club members.  I felt these deserved a place of their own given the time and effort put in by these guys.  Some great reports that hopefully encourage those new to racing to get involved.  Thank you to Kate, Paul and Alex…….. 

Kate Rowley

I raced, no really I did, no one was more surprised than me that I actually went through with it. it’s been a shocking 18 months training wise given that my life seems to consist mainly or travel and being sleep deprived. This was evident in my recent last minute jaunt to Mallorca but nevertheless I made it. Not many people will know but this marks 10 years since I started Tri racing and I have to admit I still love it and feel super psyched when I race (I encourage anyone to do it just for the buzz of knowing you achieved it). I’ve always been a ‘back of the packer’ but it’s so lovely to hear all the encouragement from people around my, especially those racing, to ‘dig in’ and ‘you’re doing well’. It’s a fantastic achievement no matter where you place and everyone really should race, it’s ace.

Alex Rennie

First of all the weather was fantastic and The organisers have definitely been wise in moving this event one week later to combat the sometimes wintry conditions that previously befell the traditional may bank holiday weekend. Many Fusioneers and supporters were in attendance and this definitely adds to the atmosphere of this event especially being able to catch up with training partners both before and after the event. Personally I didn’t know what to expect from my own performance as although I trained regularly over the winter months the last few weeks have been difficult due to work commitments. I had however been concentrating on doing longer aerobic sets and hoped that this would stand me in good stead. My weakest event the swim was first and was determined to go at a steady pace even if this meant other swimmers overtook me. Although I was passed several times I managed to complete my thirty lengths without blowing up and needing a breather so I was happy at that. The bike went we’ll especially with a tailwind coming from the east and I felt I overtook quite a few on the bike. Last was the run and felt good and didn’t encounter the “bambi” legs that I have felt in the past and got into my stride quite early. Completed the race in a time of 1 hr 27 which was a PB for me with bests coming in the bike and the run and obviously helped by the great conditions. Special mention to all the support I received which makes a great difference and to JJ for taking some great photos.

Paul Anderson

Last three years at Bishopbriggs have been fraught with rain and wind so it was an unexpected pleasure to be greeted with sunshine & warmth!

Personal aim for this event was put into practice the additional 4-6K of swimming per week I’ve been doing for a number of months between coached sessions, survive the cycle and try and finish with a strong run.  This was concocted from previous experience of swim pacing issues and plans not being adhered too!

On the day I was served with a slice of inspiration via Thomas Sloan in the pool so that got me focused.

Swim started with a steady 4 lengths and then increased pace through to length 10 and found myself tapping through everyone in my group.  Still feeling in control on lap 10 decided to stretch out a bit more but continued to monitor strokes per length and breathing for going that little bit too fast.  Noticed how well some recent turn training helped out from Allander where 4-5 times ended up catching 5 metres from people immediately on the turn and tapping feet under the flags.  Didn’t expect that.  Pool split was 13.44 and I had estimated 15.00 for lane selection so lesson there to not be so conservative next time.

Cycle is my weakest having a young family it’s difficult to find time to put in the miles – this was survival and try and not kill my legs from my crappy technique.  So plan was steady up the big hill and put the effort into the slight decline to the turn and then again steady back up the incline on the return loop.  Survived and the weather wasn’t too much of a pain given the shading from trees.  Cycle split was 46mins – clearly noticed I was getting caught on the big hill and the return loop hence some obvious pointers to focus on.

Jumped off the bike having to punt it into someone else’s slot as mine had been stolen!! Battered off like a Friday night drunk along the canal for 1k until legs got into swing of things – I did now start to feel the heat but that was strangely fun running in something other than cold wet Scotland!! I have an odd connection with the run route – near the first 180 left along the canal there’s the remains of ‘Mavis valley’ a line of miners cottages that used to run from canal up to where the recycling centre is now – my mum lived there until early 1950s with the family and there’s a few interesting tales including great great someone or other falling to the canal on the way home from the pub and drowning.  Anyway, I also felt possibility of falling into the canal as my crappy cycling efficiency / technique rolled into my run! As I got further along to cadder felt like I settled down and got my breathing / rhythm in place and made it over the line in 26 odd minutes.  Bit disappointed with this as I had been clocking 22mins 5k and dropping 20 secs a week over the last month or two.

So… summary for this event –  that was great fun – nice doing it in good weather. Fun watching others achieve and motivate me.  Fairly obvious to me I need to get lots of bike time in now with a target of dropping a good 10 mins off sprint cycle and giving me a better base for run.