Race Updates 21.05.17 – Slateman

On Sunday Graeme Neagle took on the now iconic Slateman triathlon, this one is not for the faint hearted……

Race Results

Hello! Thought I’d make an attempt at a race report. It’ll be brief.
I raced Slateman today. I got 5th. My legs hurt.

I feel it sums up everything that went on! A more detailed description can be found below but I prefer the first one.


I came out the water second but in a group of 5. Unfortunately they were all strong as f**k on the bike so I couldn’t pull anytime on them and actually lost time to two of them. Coming into T2 the top 5 were all within a minute of each other. I briefly got into 4th on the hill during the run (I know, I actually overtook someone running!!) but then I cracked and had to settle for 5th.