Race Update 2 – Strathclyde Multisport Festival 27.05.17

Lara McLean

Fab atmosphere with lots of Fusioneers and great Scotland put on the weather for the English. Competition high! Loved my race. No panic attack on swim as balmy 19 degrees. Top bike and held it together for my run.  Oh yeh and that dismount Donna McHugh witnessed!!!! Mount was a piece of nonsense – no jumping on the bike for me!Xx

Derek Hughes

After an extremely early start, with four hours sleep I finally made it to the end of a long line of people! Not an ideal start to the day but after all the confusion, the start got delayed, I finally got the wet suit on and to the start line of my very first open water tri. Happy enough with the day and finished 18th in my age group. 1:13:08. Big thanks to everyone at Fusion for all the Bantz at sessions and thanks to John and Crawford for encouraging me to keep coming back.

Ali Rainey

I am not very good at race reports but I had a lot of learnings and positives from yesterdays race and particularly wanted to thank everyone that was there racing and supporting. It was a brilliant turn out from the fusion crew, the support was really amazing and along with the Mediterranean weather, made it a great day. It’s pretty much a year since I joined the club and open water swimming has been a massive learning curve for me (did Ayr sprint tri swim in over 18 min about 1y ago), however after getting accustomed to it at pinkston and finding out the water temp was 19C I was pretty happy getting into the water yesterday. The water was lovely and everyone seemed very happy bobbing about before the gun went off….then there was around 10-15 min of carnage (depending on how fast a swimmer you were…I was at the rear end, not a great start!). Didn’t really get clear water the whole swim and also got my watch kicked off (anyone want to sell me a garmin?!!). I was very glad to get on to the bike and gradually picked people off. Despite the course being fairly flat, I found it quite tough. There was a near dead turn close to transition, it was undulating so was changing gear a lot and with the end of the guys wave still on the course, the odd dog / dog walker and 4 x 5k laps it got pretty congested, but was great fun to see everyone on the course and at the side. The run was similar to the bike, busy with a lot of zig zagging, but good fun seeing team mates. Got good feedback from JD on where I was positioned each lap and JJ had a prime photography spot half way round the run lap and gave me lots of incentive to push on a bit to try and get into the top ten by telling me where I was placed each time I went past. Learnt a few lessons (I need to practice transitions, don’t wear a quick release garmin in an open water swim, bring water on the bike when in mid 20s, it is really hard to drink out of a cup when running) It was a great day out and I’m happy with how I did. Couldn’t have done it without all the support on the day and the brilliant coaching at fusion, especially from JD at allander, getting me from about a 15 min 750m a year ago to being able to go into the water yesterday reasonably comfortable. Well done to everyone racing, some fab results!