Sportive Update – 3 Piste Sportive wk end of 21.05.17

Iain Kirkwood

I’ve got a sportive report rather than race. 3 piste was my bash this weekend but sadly I only managed 2 of them over 2 days! Arrived in Aviemore Saturday evening and went for a reccy on the final piste to the Cairngorms ski centre and we were relieved to find it a little easier than expected, granted this was on fresh legs rather than 160km come the Sunday.

5am alarm for an 8am start at Pitlochry. Had a group of 5 so we were planning to stay together throughout and pull each other along. Straight off we were met with a nasty climb and my bike was squeaking a bit at the lower revs but it seemed to disappear so didn’t think too much of it…perhaps a mistake. From there it was beautiful rolling roads to the base of glenshee and then a long, slow climb upwards, a cracking descent and then flying through to braemar and beyond. Two very nasty and unexpected climbs preceded the 2nd piste (the lecht) that knocked us but we were all ready for the big one.

Sadly my bike had other ideas and at the very bottom of the Lecht after a push down on the pedal my chain jumped off. Pulling over at the side of the road was clear to see my front chain bent and not able to make a rotation… over. A phone to race control and 10mins later I’m in the back of the van getting a lift back to aviemore – a far easier way to get up and over the lecht. What made it worse was a look at the garmin for it to show 99km! Didn’t even manage to make it to 3 digits never mind 3 pistes!

Long story short, a DNF but unfinished business with this sportive. The race number once pinned up on my board will be tainted till once complete. None the less it was a great event throughout, thoroughly recommend!