Race Update – Stirling Novice and Sprint Triathlons 04.06.17

Reports from Morag McFarlane, Ally Anderson and Lynne McIntosh from Stirling this weekend.

Stirling Novice Triathlon

Thank you to Morag McFarlane for sending in this great update on Stirling Novice Triathlon this weekend………

Morag McFarlane

If I wrote a diary (which I don’t) it would have gone something like this…..

Friday am -discover registration on Sunday is from 5.45

10 mins later – holiday inn express booked

No. of £s lost -£134

Saturday 20.30 – in aforementioned hotel room with precious lovely road bike (in case it is pinched)

Saturday 9pm – carb loading for event (does a cup of tea and a biccie count?)

Sunday 5.30 – alarm goes off

Sunday 5.35 – back up alarm goes off

Sunday 5.36 – out of bed

Sunday 6.15 – registration complete

Sunday 6.16 – messed up number tattoo for arm

Sunday 6.17 – got it right for leg

Sunday 7.00 – race briefing

Sunday 7.15 – cereal in car and snooze

Sunday 9.30 – swim

Sunday 9.40 – can’t get out of pool, manhandled out

No of beached whale impersonations – 1
No of bruises – 3

9.42 – on bike and loved it

Sometime later – run (hated it)

No of times I couldn’t find my iggle piggle towel in transition – 1

But I want to do it all again!!! Really enjoyed that for the first time ever. ?


Stirling Sprint Triathlon

Ally Anderson

Stirling Sprint….. Thankfully with Pauline nowhere in sight I finished 2nd Overall (well behind the machine aka RTB). 1st Placed Vet and also award for fastest bike split. Won 100 quid and now thinking of turning pro !!

Lynne McIntosh

Stirling Triathlon was the first sprint distance I gave a go last year and I enjoyed it so much I decided to come back for more and race myself against the clock!
Despite an early rise to get to registration which was open from 5:45-6:45, on arrival it was again clear that Stirling Triathlon Club have got their house in order when it comes to organizing great events. Registration was seamless with friendly helpful volunteers willing to help and I racked my bike shortly after in transition. Compared to the ordeal last weekend this was like night and day! I was also impressed to find great transfer stickers in my race pack to affix to myself which gave everything a really professional feel…having said that, I’m still struggling to get them off!!
The race briefing was just after 7am, my race was due to start at 7:45.
I got myself together and went to the pool side where I was called to my heat, I was in the second female heat which I was quite impressed with! The atmosphere was calm and chilled and the ladies in my lane were lovely all offering good luck and reassurance of moving over for overtaking which was nice.
I think because of the atmosphere I was, probably for the first time, very relaxed when the whistle went for me to begin. Nice big push and glide and I was off..
Counting isn’t my forte when trying to breathe bilaterally and maintain some level of technique so I checked my Garmin from time to time to see where I was at.. 350m, 500m, 650m, 700m…oh wait, shouldn’t they have tapped me? Hmmmmm keep going, 750m…tap on the head, okay I MUST be wrong. Nope got out the pool to my watch saying 800m. Oh well, never mind.. Great swim and well within my best time for 750m!
Ran out to transition and on to the bike.
Now, after last week I took my bike to a shop to have it fixed as I experienced a few issues let’s just say. I had a quick spin and thought everything was okay, however, on the first pedal stroke my chain pinged off the front gear ring and I had to get off to put it back on.. Once I was on I got my head down and pedaled hard. I absolutely love the bike course, mostly flat, quite fast but with odd winds and a gear shifter playing up I wasn’t where I wanted to be from a time perspective coming into T2.. Last part to go, which is undoubtedly my weakest of the three pursuits now (I would have honestly laughed in your face if you’d told me this time last year that not only would my swimming be not too bad but that I would actually enjoy it more than the run!)
Having done it last year I knew there was a nasty wee hill not long in, so when I got to it I decided to do a power march up rather than attempt to run when I’d probably not go any faster anyway! I settled into a good steady pace (for me) and actually started to get my breathing together and enjoy it! At the top of the course there were pipers. I love pipe music, it spurs me on and makes me feel so good and positive, so this was a welcome addition to the atmosphere! I shouted over (clearly not running hard enough) to request ‘The Dark Isle’ – a firm favourite from my days playing the fiddle with my big sister, but I didn’t think they heard me.. I ran on as they played a reel quite content at the beautiful sounds. Down the hill round the track, power march up the horrible hill, run again, and back to the top of the course. A quick glimpse at my watch told me things were going well and I was on track for a better time than last year! As I passed the pipers one of them shouted ‘This one’s for you’ and started playing The Dark Isle… I cheered and threw my hands up (I know, clearly not running hard enough!) and was so pleased I pushed myself into a faster run and could hear the waltz all the way down the horrible hill which was no longer so horrible! I decided to go for a sprint finish and crossed the line pretty chuffed.
It was great to see I had improved my time by 2:26 on last year and even better to see so many Fusion athletes doing well, getting PB’s, collecting trophies, and awards at the prize giving. Well done to everyone who raced – it is another definite on my calendar for next year and I’d strongly encourage anyone to enter! Fantastic event ?