Lochore Meadows Junior Aquathon

Alex and Tristan both did the Lochore open water aquathlon last weekend, and absolutely loved it. In an effort to encourage Junior race reports, from juniors to juniors (and to encourage mine to write without it sounding too much like homework!), here are their very own race reports, unedited and complete with grammatical and spelling mistakes 🙂

Tristan – Tristar 1

On Sunday 11th June I woke up at 8 o’clock to go to Fife for Lochore meadows aquathlon which is an open water race. When we went to the beach a woman told us about what each age group was doing. We did a warm up then the race started. I came out of the loch first but didn’t have a good transition because I was dizzy. The run was also hard because the path was made of gravel. It was beside the river. I came 4th. After the race I played in the park near lochore meadows and finally went home. I really enjoyed open water and want to do it again.

Alex – Tristar 2

I did the Lochore Meadows open water aquathlon, here is my race report. Before the race the organisers did a warm up on the beach. The chose tiggers and we played a game of tig. After they got inflatable balls and we played a game where we had to pass the balls. We had to go into the water a bit when we were playing this game. Finally they let us do a swimming warm up. I really liked this idea and enjoyed the warm up. And then the race started. The Tristars 1 went first. Then my race. They got us to line up and boom! The starter went off. I sprinted into the water and splash, I dived in. I really liked this part. The water wasn’t that cold because of the warm up. The swim was fun. I found that going round the buoy was the hardest part. I think my favourite was doing the porpoise technique when I was coming out of the water. I raced into transition with about 30m lead on second place. When I was taking my wetsuit off I found that putting the neon spray on helped. I took my wet suit off and got my shoes on. The run was on a gravel path. I liked the run, the adults were racing and this motivated me to go faster. I didn’t like that there were massive puddles on the paths and I also kept looking behind to see were the second placed person was. At the end a lady behind me tried sprinting past… I bet her. I came across the line first. I hope you enjoyed my race report and I would recommend this race for everyone.

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