Race Update – ArranMan June 2017

Gerard McConville

“The day you stop racing, is the day you win the race”
Bob Marley

The quote above is something I stumbled across a while ago and it has to be one of my favourites. It’s also very relative to how I’ve approached my events recently. I went into my main event this year with very little expectation, other than to enjoy and soak it up and I have to say, I think it could be my most enjoyable race to date.

Swim Leg

Early start for the swim (7:15am kick off) and the conditions were perfect. Calm sea and the water temp wasn’t too bad! So I was told! I personally thought it was baltic as it was only my second open water swim of the season (the first being Loch LoMan Standard).

It was a mass deep water start so I chanced my arm and sneaked in behind the second line from the front. First 150m was the madness we all know & love but after that I stuck with 2 or 3 guys all battling away, which was great because with all the rough and tumble we were all making the time and distance together.

I’m guesting the swim was 2k (ish). think I was 6th out the water and absolutely buzzing.

Bike Leg.

I know the Island fairly well and reccie’d it a few weeks earlier, so had a game plan in mind. I knew when to go hard and when to sit up. Everyone that rides with me tells me what an idiot I am on the climbs! Starting to behave now and can feel the benefits 🙂

I LOVE that bike course. If you haven’t cycled Arran you must do it. Get a rail & sail ticket for £15 return. It’s the perfect day adventure and a beautiful bike ride. Absolutely ideal for a 70.3 event. Although it is brutal (A midges baw hair off of 1000m ascent) and makes for a seriously hard run.

Really enjoyed the bike leg. Came off the bike, didn’t over take anyone and about 5 athletes over took me! I like to call them TT monkeys 😉

I was only 7mins off my Arran PB for the loop, so was going well.

Run Leg

What can I say other than pain pain pain and more pain.

It was absolutely roasting. Started to realise I was burnt to a crisp and my lack of run training was really starting to take it’s toll.

The 2nd 10k loop was up there with the toughest of mental challenges. Jennifer & Andy P. caught me just before full breakdown and I was back pushing for the finish. It’s amazing what a little encouragement can do to the mind.

I crossed the finish line with my son in my arms on Father’s Day. Placing 10th Male and 11th over all. Having held my run and no one passing me, I was elated.

Absolutely fantastic race and would recommend it to anyone looking for a challenging 70.3 course.

P.s. Race organiser (Alan Anderson) had chip butties waiting for us at the end. First Class and better than any finishers medal.

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