Wednesday night TT Training

Wednesday night TT Training – John Dargie

15 club members rocked up for a wee TT training session tonight. I threw this on at short notice as it’s the right time of year, people need to do this stuff and there was no official event on the popular Georgetown course.

We had a chat about what TT is, what things help you go faster equipment wise, recommended a warm up and then everyone went and got warmed up and had a blast on the short 11.2ish km course.

MASSIVE THANKS TO JJ O’HARA and LINDSAY DAVIDSON – for giving their time to be the starters / timekeepers.

Scores on the doors
Ken MacEwen 20:02
Mary Anne Macleod 20:45
Donna McHugh 20:40
George Lambie 20:21
Jacqui Thompson 19:49
Lynne McIntosh 19:10
Natalie Stevenson 19:09
Ruaridh McDougall 18:21 (1st Junior)
Andrew Grant 17:45
Marc Neibel 18:33
Ali Rainey 17:33 (1st Female)
John Dargie 17:40
Claire Coey 17:45
Hans Forhaug 15:52
Richard Thurlow-Begg 15:51 (1st Male)

Rapid times troops – we have some good riders!!!

Club will get some dates out ASAP for suggested Georgetown TT league dates that we should try attend. Get involved

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