This week’s TT – GET INVOLVED

There have been a few enquiries regarding Wednesday’s TT – most suggesting they are not good enough / are intimidated by doing one. Let’s be clear……..

If you ride a road bike and can ride for 30-60 mins / sprint distance tri etc these events are for you. They are pretty much a requirement to further your riding, do them and you learn how to control effort, push yourself, get stronger and generally ride faster.

I’m not available for the next couple of TT’s so for this one I’m going to offer to help folk out. for those new to this who want a helping hand here’s the plan:

Wednesday 26th July – meet 6:15pm at the car park by Aulds bakery in Inchinnan industrial estate (PA4 9RZ). It’s 20 mins drive from west end out great western road over erskine bridge and then through Erskine. We can sign on together (you need £3.00) and then I’ll look after a warm up on quiet roads from 6:30-7, explain how things work and show you where the event starts / finishes. If we sign on together then we will start together too (1 at a time with 1 min gaps between us).

You just need your bike (do make sure its properly working and tyres properly inflated), helmet and bike kit appropriate to the weather.

Juniors need to be 14 or over.

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