Wee Beastie Novice Triathlon 29 July 2017

This was a cracking and well organised event by the Lomond Swimming and Triathlon Club.

Highlights included a not-too-early start time, an extremely enthusiastic and vocal female marshal aptly placed at the top of a hilly section, a funky medal, lush coffee at the end and the bike route which I LOVED!!
I signed up for the Novice option expecting it to be my first triathlon (although it turned out not to be) but the shorter distance still delivered a good challenge. Got caught up in what felt like a never-ending kicking and punching frenzy at the start of the swim which combined with the choppy water caused me to swallow a ton of water and panic a bit so I was happy when I was back on land. The bike route was an ace quad-burning lung-busting combination of grass, gravel, tarmac, rocky tracks, tree trunks and thick mud but also with some fast and fun downhill sections. I was chuffed to make it round both laps without coming off and also managed to stay in the saddle for the long muddy sections, passing a group of 6 blokes who were pushing their bikes through the mud at one point. I overheard one of them asking ‘how did that girl manage to cycle through that?’…and for that I owe a huge thanks to fellow Fusioneer Andrew Fretwell who guided me round a recce of the course a few weeks before the event, gave me tips for off-road biking technique and patiently waited while I was the one pushing my bike through the mud, falling off on the sharp bend and struggling to make it up the steep hills. The run was an almost circular route that wasn’t too hilly and did have a nice downhill section in the latter part, but still felt tough after the bike laps.
This was a great event, friendly and fun for novices but also a good enough challenge to get the heart pumping. There was also a sprint and bikeless Beastie on offer so plenty for everyone and with a good atmosphere and support.

posted by Clare Blue on
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