Bonus club training week


No-one like the start of a new week, anyone got the Sunday night blues yet? Well this might cheer you up, remember that this coming week is the bonus week this year (the 53rd training week of the year).  To celebrate this extra week the club is offering ALL members free training from Tuesday onwards!!  I’ve also heard a wee hint that the sessions might be a bit different and involve a bit of fun – “how can it be more fun??!” I hear you ask.  It’s going to be good, come along

The following sessions are free to members (usual fee applies to non-members):

TUES:    am swim,    run from Botanics,    Scotstoun swim,    Allander swim

TURS:    Scotstoun swim,    run from Scotsoun

SUN:    Allander swim

Juniors who are eligible for senior sessions will be included as usual and will train for free if current club members.

What’s to lose?  Come along and enjoy the session, try one you’ve never been to before, just join in the fun.  See you there


Happy training