Saturday bike session 14th october – INFO

Route – 47km – 29 miles. About as flat as we can get in Scotland. The start and end of the ride has a few sets of traffic lights, junctions etc. There is a potential coffee stop at halfway in the ride but if cold / wet we will
Probably not stop. Route map here:
Abilities – this is what we class as group 1. The average ride speed will be between 20-24kmh. On flat windless roads (ha ha!) we will sit at ~24kmh. Uphills will be done about as slow as we can / need and clearly downhill / tailwind is faster and more fun. Stronger riders will sit at front of group to make it easier for others in the group but must keep to correct pace. I’ll look after this!! All riders of this ability and beyond are welcome but fast folk need to ride easy / sociable and keep within group limits.
Time and place – meet at 8:50-55am departure 9am sharp if possible. FRONT DOORS OF SOAR INTU BRAEHEAD. Return pre 12pm as long as coffee stop is prompt!
A working bike is essential!! Please check your bike the day before the ride.…/how-to-safety-check-a-bike-43297/
Helmet – no helmet, no ride. Please also ensure it fits and is correctly adjusted!!
Spares – please bring spare inner tube, tyre levers and a working pump. I will carry basic tools.
Money and phone.
Clothing: dress for the weather!!! Minimal flappy / loose clothing really helps though!!
Banter – yes please. Bring your best chat / jokes!!!
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