New 4 week block of training 20th Nov-17th Dec


After the first 8 week’s of annual training it’s been good to see increasing numbers at most sessions and some stellar improvements from those who attend the club regularly. Maybe best has been some quality chat at sessions. Good to know training is and can be fun.

So now we look ahead to training 20th November – 17th December. Overall our training focus is covering good quality technical development alongside working physiology for improvements. Here’s what’s going on the next few weeks:

Monday swim 8:00-9:00/9:30 Scotstoun. don’t forget there is a 90 min option here and few folk seem to be taking the valuable opportunity of extra mileage. We are working on stroke efficiency and aerobic conditioning – long swims in the last 30 mins and a mixture of technical swimming and short cycle aerobic swimming in the first hour.

Tuesday AM swim: 7:00-8:00am Scotstoun. Aerobic swimming, some speed and strength work with paddles.

Tuesday PM run: botanical 6:45pm departure or Leicester Avenue 6:55-7:00 post warm up. V short power runs and uphill 750m aerobic capacity reps.

Tuesday PM swim Scotstoun 8:30-9:30. Speed session with drill work to develop catch at front of stroke.

Tuesday PM swim Allander 9-10pm – new block – “training” turns, pace control, mileage increases and some HARD kick training.

WEDNESDAY TURBO – 8-9:30pm Whiteinch Centre – please support this session. Remember we have some turbo’s you can borrow if you don’t have your own. Strength and aerobic capacity. Maybe a small amount of the famous tabata’s!!

Thursday Run 6:45pm departure Scotstoun 6:55-7:00pm Tudor road. Tech / strength drills and conditioning. Aerobic pace control and a couple of fast runs.

Thursday Swim 8:30-9:30pm Scotstoun. Aerobic base – long reps, tech feedback and a couple of things to get arms turning over faster.

Sunday PM swim Allander 7:30-8:30pm – new block – “training” turns, pace control, mileage increases and some HARD kick training.