Race Update – Stirling marathon 29.04.18 – Mirjam Allik

It had been quite few years since my last marathon and I was getting more and more eager to run one again. Stirling marathon seemed perfect for it – close by, low key and at a good time. I signed up early in September and was really excited about it for months. My training was going well, especially my running. I was quite confident I could go under my target time of 3.15, possibly even under 3.10.

Then about 2-3 weeks before the marathon I started feeling more tired than usual, my legs felt tight and heavy. Swimming was even worse, like a slow slog. Everything felt just a bit too hard. I was not quite sure what was wrong with me. I panicked, lost confidence and was mentally sapped. The marathon that was now just a couple of weeks away seemed like an impending doom.

I found some peace of mind in friends and club mates who told me not to think about it as a race, but rather as a long training run. That at least gave me the strength to get to the starting line. I settled into a pace that felt comfortable, but inside I still felt uneasy. Mostly like I had to prove something.

At 20 km the time stood at about 1.25 – I was running a sub 90 half marathon, something I had never done before. This was real desperation. Trying to prove to myself that I was strong, that I could run fast. It was not going to end well. There was no way I could carry this on for much longer. Sure enough, as mile 16 passed with some steeper climbs at Stirling university, my legs tightened up like nothing I had felt before. Great. 10 more miles to go. I pushed on for a couple of more miles, my pace steadily dropping. And then I ground to a halt. The 10k to the 40k mark took me a full hour!

What saved me from total destruction was the merging of the course with the half marathon. I joined the half marathon crowds and their 2.40 pacer. Thankfully I was going faster than that and I was able to continually move up and over take many of them. But the fact the marathon runners were catching up and passing me at much faster pace still hurt a bit.

At about two miles to go I checked my watch and decided I could still get under 3.15 if I lifted the pace a bit. Gritting teeth I crossed the line with just a few seconds under the target time. I was so stiff I could barely walk and I don’t remember when I last hurt so bad.

If you are going to run your marathon PB, don’t run your half marathon PB in the first half! It really does not feel good!
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