Glasgow 2018 – GO LIVE! At the Green

Hi all,

We received the following email with info on a volunteering opportunity at Glasgow Green during the 2018 European Games.  It would be fantastic to get some club members along to sell our wonderful club to those interested.

Hi All,
As you are hopefully already aware the Glasgow 2018 European Championships are fast approaching. Over the course of the championships Glasgow Green will become a hotspot of activity with a programme brining together sport, culture and entertainment to provide a daily programme of free to attend activities. GO LIVE! at the Green will take place from 2-12 August. You can find out more information here:
Triathlon will be featuring as part of a range of activities & challenges that Glasgow Club will be offering. However both we and Glasgow Club would like if possible to supplement their delivery team with representatives from clubs local to the areas involved in hosting the championships to bring both knowledge and passion for the sport to the activity being offered.
We are looking for volunteers from your clubs to sign up to cover one (or more) 3 hour slot – even if they can only help for part of the slot – where they would head along to Glasgow Green and spend some time helping Glasgow Club with explaining the activity, timing and recording participants times and talking to participants about the sport of triathlon and how they can get involved. Volunteers do not need to be a coach, not even a seasoned triathlete, as long as they are passionate about the sport and happy to talk to others!
We are initially aiming to cover the non-triathlon days of the championships as the focus will shift to Strathclyde Park based activity during this time, therefore we would be looking for volunteers to attend on the 2nd-8th of August. In order to co-ordinate this I have created a sign up form which will be monitored with slots removed when adequately covered.
The sign up form can be found here:
Please Note: Volunteers of any age are welcome, however those under the age of 16 can only attend with a parent/guardian (or another adult in loco parentis). ALL Under 18s will be required to provide a parental contact who will be required to fill in a parental consent form via email.