2017 Scottish National Youth Championships – Triathlon Scotland

Source: 2017 Scottish National Youth Championships – Triathlon Scotland

What a day at the Scottish National Youth Championships [2017]!  Slightly overcast on set up, the sun soon bathed the park creating perhaps a different challenge for our young athletes – with high temperatures and windy conditions.

Run by Fusion Triathlon Club with support from Triathlon Scotland this popular annual event attracted around 300 kids of all ages to race for the Scottish National Youth Championship title in their age group.  Bellahouston Park once again proved to be an excellent venue, providing a pool based swim and closed road bike and run sections.

Racing varying distances according to age group,  TriStars Start (8 years) athletes completed a 50m swim, 1.4km bike and 600m run course, whilst TriStars 1 (9-10 years) raced 150m > 4km > 1200m, TriStars 2 (11-12) 200m > 6km > 1800m with TriStars 3 (13-14) completing 300m > 8km > 2400m.  The youth category comprised the super sprint (also known as novice) distance of 400m > 10km > 3km and featured a number of the Triathlon Scotland Academy Squad members.

The TriStar Start boys kicked off the event where Harris Holmes came out the pool with a clear lead over Kai Fearn with Joe Crawford and Fraser Gemmell hot on Fearn’s heels.  A swift transition for Holmes, and it was out on the bike where he recorded the fastest bike split to see him take a comfortable lead going in to the run.  Holmes ran himself to the title with Kai Fearn holding that silver medal spot throughout and it was Fraser Gemmell who put in a great bike leg to help him to the bronze medal.

In the TriStar Start girls, it was a close swim between Juliette Kidd (Monifieth), Ciara Middleton (Stirling Tri) and Anna Phillips (Fusion Tri).  Out of T1 and on to the bike leg Bethan Read (Stirling Tri) had an incredible bike leg, recording the fastest split of her age group by seven seconds! The effort on the bike paid off for Read as she catapulted into second position, and a great run saw her just miss out on the gold medal.  That went to Grace Popplewell (Isle of Arran Junior Tri) who had a solid bike and an amazing run to see herself crowned Scottish National Youth Champion.  A consistent effort from Ciara Middleton, where she was rewarded with the bronze medal.

On to the TriStar 1 age group. Great swims from Rory Stobie (Edinburgh RC) who exited the pool with a 14 second lead (!), Fraser Donaldson (Glasgow Tri), Alex Read (Stirling Tri) and Euan Mitchell (Fusion Tri) who all came out together.  Out on to the leg and it was Innes McDonald who after the swim had work to do, had an excellent transition, gaining four seconds before flying on his bike to catapult himself into the gold medal position where he had a bike time that was  40 seconds faster than the rest of the field.  Another excellent transition and fastest run split saw him crowned the Champion.  A hard fought solid race from Fraser Donaldson saw him take silver and Rory Stobie the third place.

In the TriStar 1 girls it was consistency for Mirren Stewart (Grangemouth Triathlon) who after coming out the pool in second, gained the lead from Betty Fischer-Keogh with a great transition on to the bike.  From there her lead was never in doubt.  A great display from Stewart saw her take a comfortable win and Championship title.  Freya Hedley (East Fife Tri) showed that consistency really pays off.  Always in the top five for her splits, she put a smooth race together to win the silver medal, ahead of Laya Gibb who posted the second fastest run split to secure that well-earned bronze medal.

In the TriStar 2 girls it was tight racing for that gold medal between Johanna MacKenzie and Melissa Turnbull (Fusion Tri), who were fighting hard to take the gold.  MacKenzie was racing well and leading throughout, keeping her cool while Turnbull was in pursuit.  Such a close race, a great run where Turnbull had enough in her legs to sprint to that finish, and pip MacKenzie on the line taking the gold medal.  With MacKenzie in second, Isla Hedley (East Fife Tri) kept her position, winning the bronze medal.

It was a gun to tape victory in the TriStar 3 boys for Daniel Saunders whose title was never in doubt.  Looking strong from the whistle he took the fastest swim, run and bike splits to seal the gold medal.  Kinross High School’s Struan Bennet had a great swim, and then saw himself needing to work hard on the run after a challenging bike section. That he did, making up lots of ground and sealing his silver ahead of Callum Byrne who was very consistent across all disciplines.

It was an exciting race in the TriStar 3 Girls between Schools Champion Isla Britton and Fusion Triathlon’s Lily-Jane Evans-Haggerty who were battling to take that Youth title.  Coming in to T2, it was Britton who had the edge after great biking, with Evans-Haggerty out in pursuit on the run.  Known as a strong runner Evans-Haggerty kept her cool to eat away the ground, closing the distance to take the victory ahead of Britton.  A well-deserved silver medal for Isla Britton who worked hard throughout the race.  It was third place for Anna Hedley (East Fife Tri) who also had an incredible run to chase down that bronze.

Both youth races were dominated by Triathlon Scotland Academy (formerly The Foundation Squad) athletes.  An incredible swim saw Calum Young come out the pool with a 14 second lead ahead of Peter Holmes (Aztec Jersey) and 22 seconds ahead of Andrew Rolland (Edinburgh #3).  Young kept his composure on the bike, maintaining the lead out of T2 ahead of Rolland, who had put in an incredible effort on the bike to move up into second place.  So it was all down to the run, where Young began to fade a little and Rolland dug deep to take the win.  With Young in second, it was Hamish Armitt (Fusion) who used his second fastest run split of the day to secure that bronze medal.

The youth females closed the day’s racing.  Dominated by Academy athletes as well, Clare Wallace (Fusion Tri), Emma Calder (Fleet Feet) and Heather Barnes came out the pool in quick succession, with Kate Richardson (Fusion Tri) left with a bit of work to do.  Struggling a little with the windy, hot conditions on the bike Wallace began to drop back and it was Kate Richardson who ate up the bike course clocking the fastest bike split of the day by over 1 minute!  Out on to the run Richardson maintained her position, using the work on the bike to secure that title win.  A hard battle for second and third between Barnes, Calder and Wallace, Barnes used her run (taking the fastest split by over 1 minute) to take the second place ahead of Emma Calder who faded but secured a well earned bronze none-the-less.

A great event where the young athletes battled what were tough conditions due to the wind and heat, to display passion, enjoyment and incredible skills from the most novice participants to the more experienced – what an encouraging future for the sport.

Thanks as always to the hard working volunteers who were out in force to provide great support to all the participants!

The next event in the Championship series in the Scottish Sprint Championships on Monikie on 9 July.  For more information visit our Championship page.

Your 2017 Scottish National Youth Championships are:

Youth Female (15-16):

  1. Kate Richardson (Fusion), 37:19
  2. Heather Barnes (Unattached), 37:36
  3. Emma Calder (Fleet Feet), 38:39

Youth Male (15-16):

  1. Andrew Rolland (Edinburgh #3), 33:00
  2. Calum Young (Unattached), 33:24
  3. Hamish Armitt (Fusion), 34:19

TriStar 3 Female (13-14):

  1. Lily Jane Evans-Haggerty (Fusion), 28:39
  2. Isla Britton (Unattached), 29:36
  3. Anna Hedley (East Fife Tri), 30:02

TriStar 3 Male (13-14):

  1. Daniel Saunders (Unattached), 27:48
  2. Struan Bennet (Kinross High School), 29:38
  3. Callum Byrne (Fusion), 30:05

TriStar 2 Female (11-12):

  1. Melissa Turnbull (Unattached), 24:19
  2. Johanna MacKenzie (Unattached), 24:20
  3. Isla Hedley (East Fife Tri), 25:17

TriStar 2 Male (11-12):

  1. Cameron MacMillan (Stirling Tri), 22:47
  2. Fergus Currie (Fusion), 23:18
  3. Bruce Evans (Forres Harriers), 23:32

TriStar 1 Female (9-10):

  1. Mirren Stewart (Grangemouth Tri), 18:37
  2. Freya Hedley (East Fife Tri), 19:49
  3. Leya Gibb (Stirling Tri), 20:16

TriStar 1 Male (9-10):

  1. Innes McDonald (Unattached), 17:20
  2. Fraser Donaldson (Glasgow Tri), 18:15
  3. Rory Stobie (Edinburgh RC), 18:23

TriStar Start Female (8):

  1. Grace Popplewell (Isle of Arran Junior Tri), 10:59
  2. Bethan Read (Stirling Triathlon), 11:00
  3. Ciara Middleton (Stirling Triathlon), 11:14

TriStar Start Male (8):

  1. Harris Holmes (Unattached), 9:16
  2. Kai Fearn (Unattached), 9:49
  3. Fraser Gemmell (Unattached), 9:56

Full results can be find on What’s My Time.

Source: 2017 Scottish National Youth Championships – Triathlon Scotland

Lochore Meadows Junior Aquathon

Alex and Tristan both did the Lochore open water aquathlon last weekend, and absolutely loved it. In an effort to encourage Junior race reports, from juniors to juniors (and to encourage mine to write without it sounding too much like homework!), here are their very own race reports, unedited and complete with grammatical and spelling mistakes 🙂

Tristan – Tristar 1

On Sunday 11th June I woke up at 8 o’clock to go to Fife for Lochore meadows aquathlon which is an open water race. When we went to the beach a woman told us about what each age group was doing. We did a warm up then the race started. I came out of the loch first but didn’t have a good transition because I was dizzy. The run was also hard because the path was made of gravel. It was beside the river. I came 4th. After the race I played in the park near lochore meadows and finally went home. I really enjoyed open water and want to do it again.

Alex – Tristar 2

I did the Lochore Meadows open water aquathlon, here is my race report. Before the race the organisers did a warm up on the beach. The chose tiggers and we played a game of tig. After they got inflatable balls and we played a game where we had to pass the balls. We had to go into the water a bit when we were playing this game. Finally they let us do a swimming warm up. I really liked this idea and enjoyed the warm up. And then the race started. The Tristars 1 went first. Then my race. They got us to line up and boom! The starter went off. I sprinted into the water and splash, I dived in. I really liked this part. The water wasn’t that cold because of the warm up. The swim was fun. I found that going round the buoy was the hardest part. I think my favourite was doing the porpoise technique when I was coming out of the water. I raced into transition with about 30m lead on second place. When I was taking my wetsuit off I found that putting the neon spray on helped. I took my wet suit off and got my shoes on. The run was on a gravel path. I liked the run, the adults were racing and this motivated me to go faster. I didn’t like that there were massive puddles on the paths and I also kept looking behind to see were the second placed person was. At the end a lady behind me tried sprinting past… I bet her. I came across the line first. I hope you enjoyed my race report and I would recommend this race for everyone.

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Ayr 3 Castles, St Andrews Sprint, Edinburgh Aquathlon

Race update from last weekend.

Denis Williams was happy with his 4th place finish at the Edinburgh #3 novice aquathon on Sunday after taking part in parkrun on Saturday.

Iona Miller raced well to come 1st female junior at St Andrews sprint, 2nd female overall, bagging the fastest run time for females on her way. Sounds like it’s a lovely run through old part of town and along coast.

Jacqui Thompson raced Ayr 3 castles duathlon coming 1st in her AG, and 5th overall.

Well done to everyone racing, keep the updates coming in.

Race Report – East Fife and British Duathlon Champs

Quiet week in Fusion racing world this week but there’s still some huge news.

East Fife Aquathlon

Joanne Byrne has taken on training with impressive levels of dedication to the cause and not only completed her 1st ever novice race at the weekend but also earned a place on the podium! Massive congrats from us all to Joanne on her 3rd placed vet at East Fife.

The Juniors were pretty successful too. 1st for Melissa Turnbull (T2), 1st for Jessica Turnbull (T3), and 1st for Callum Byrne (T3).

British Duathlon Championships

British Duathlon Champs took place this weekend down at Bedford Autodrome, updates have came in from Josh Hendry and Lauryn Turnbull. Josh had a fantastic race and earned himself 3rd place in the Junior race. Lauryn unfortunately had some bad luck with an ongoing calf issue and had to withdraw before the end of the first run – many of us know how that feels Lauryn, there will be other chances, keep your head up!
Some of our younger athlete were also racing this weekend so hopefully there will be some more fantastic race reports this year from the juniors page that we can share here to keep you all updated on the youngsters who are about to kick our butts soon