2018 Club kit shop is open – CLOSES 5th FEB

Hi all

The much anticipated club kit shop is now open to orders.  Click on the link attached and follow the instructions below.  SHOP CLOSES 5th FEBRUARY!!!!!!


  1. Click on link
  2. Create your own account
  3. Order desired item(s) and pay Orca directly
  4. Delivery due mid March, this will come to a single address (mine) and distributed asap
  5. Make yourself available as soon as possible to collect kit from advertised club sessions nearer the time

NOTE: Some people asked about the Aero Pro Sleeved tri suit, Orca have put this on at the incorrect price, it should be £179 (still – ouch!!).  I have delayed opening this shop to everyone as I have asked them to correct this error and put the Club Sleeved Tri suit up as an alternative, this is £119.  If you would like the Club Sleeved suit please go ahead and order this as soon as possible, hopefully the more orders they receive for this the sooner the item will be made up and put into this order (I’m still working on them including this in our current shop).

Some items require only two orders per style (male, female, junior being different styles), others require six orders per style.  Please order as soon as possible so Orca can let us know if we are close to order numbers and just not quite making.  We may be able to push certain items if this is the case.

I’m determined to get kit to everyone before Bishopbriggs on the 6th May, members can help this by ordering as soon as possible.

Many thanks, happy training – race season is on it’s way!!

Donna 🙂

Hogmanay Handicap Charity Run

Each year friends of the club Jude and Jon Austin organise the fantastic Hogmanay Handicap charity run for Strathcarron Hospice.  This is a lovely friendly event open to all abilities.  It would be fantastic to get a load of club members along to this ever growing event while giving to a great cause. no set entry fee, all donations welcome on the day.   More info………

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Festive training changes 2017


With Christmas on its way there will be the following changes to club sessions:

Sunday 24th  December:  NO junior session, NO Allander session
Monday 25th December: NO sessions
Tuesday 26th December: NO sessions
Wednesday 27th December: NO junior session.  Turbo to be confirmed, center opening times dependent
Thursday 28th December: Scotstoun swim @ 14:00, 3 lanes only, 1 hour session
Sunday 31st December: NO junior session, NO Allander session
Monday 1st January: NO sessions
Tuesday 2nd January: NO sessions
Wednesday 3rd January: Turbo to be confirmed, center opening times dependent

Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year.  Happy training everyone



New 4 week block of training 20th Nov-17th Dec


After the first 8 week’s of annual training it’s been good to see increasing numbers at most sessions and some stellar improvements from those who attend the club regularly. Maybe best has been some quality chat at sessions. Good to know training is and can be fun.

So now we look ahead to training 20th November – 17th December. Overall our training focus is covering good quality technical development alongside working physiology for improvements. Here’s what’s going on the next few weeks:

Monday swim 8:00-9:00/9:30 Scotstoun. don’t forget there is a 90 min option here and few folk seem to be taking the valuable opportunity of extra mileage. We are working on stroke efficiency and aerobic conditioning – long swims in the last 30 mins and a mixture of technical swimming and short cycle aerobic swimming in the first hour.

Tuesday AM swim: 7:00-8:00am Scotstoun. Aerobic swimming, some speed and strength work with paddles.

Tuesday PM run: botanical 6:45pm departure or Leicester Avenue 6:55-7:00 post warm up. V short power runs and uphill 750m aerobic capacity reps.

Tuesday PM swim Scotstoun 8:30-9:30. Speed session with drill work to develop catch at front of stroke.

Tuesday PM swim Allander 9-10pm – new block – “training” turns, pace control, mileage increases and some HARD kick training.

WEDNESDAY TURBO – 8-9:30pm Whiteinch Centre – please support this session. Remember we have some turbo’s you can borrow if you don’t have your own. Strength and aerobic capacity. Maybe a small amount of the famous tabata’s!!

Thursday Run 6:45pm departure Scotstoun 6:55-7:00pm Tudor road. Tech / strength drills and conditioning. Aerobic pace control and a couple of fast runs.

Thursday Swim 8:30-9:30pm Scotstoun. Aerobic base – long reps, tech feedback and a couple of things to get arms turning over faster.

Sunday PM swim Allander 7:30-8:30pm – new block – “training” turns, pace control, mileage increases and some HARD kick training.

Breca Coniston SwimRun

I had been desperate to try a swimrun since I heard of it three years ago when the first Inch by Inch took place in Loch Lomond. But for one reason or another it never happened for me. So, when Ali suggested that we do the Breca Coniston I was quickly on board. Sure, it was in October, but if she was willing to get in the water, I could not seem like a wimp. We agreed that as a season ending race, one that neither of us had specifically trained for, the focus should be on having fun and not pushing hard.

We got a look at our fellow competitors during the kit check and the race briefing the night before. Like on so many occasions, I felt intimidated by other athletes, everyone looked so professional. There were even sponsored teams with matching kit! I don’t know what Ali felt, but all this seemed to bring out some inner racing beast in her. In a very excited tone she pondered on our chances: “Look at that team with the Orca kit, I wonder if they are fast? Those people seem fit! I wonder how many swimruns have they done? I wonder if we could beat them?” Then she started talking about where we would make our move, “The last 6km run, that’s when we push hard! Or the last two shorter runs?” Ali was getting her game face on and I was getting worried. I suggested we’d leave the decision on any sprint finish for the race day, at the same time thinking worriedly that my casual day on the hills was suddenly becoming a full-on race.

In the morning Ali revealed she had dreamed about getting a superman tattoo across her chest. I’m not familiar with psychoanalysis, but surely it was her subconscious saying she had a superwoman inside of her who was about to come out. And I? Well, I still felt like I was going for a bit of a fun in the hills. Finally, as we were driven to the start by the organized bus, I felt some pre-race butterflies. Maybe I was ready for this after all.

We spent about 15 minutes running, squatting, stretching and generally moving about the assembly area. The race basically started with a swim and we needed to be sweating before getting in the water. We were in the middle of a big group for the first swim. I must have swum most of it with my head above the water to not lose sight of Ali. We did a good job staying together and being equally matched was a big part of it. I had volunteered for swimrun Inch by Inch a month ago and that really was an eye opener in terms of finding a partner. Swimrun is a team event and it does not matter how good you are if your partner is not with you.

The field became quite spread out within the first 40 minutes and for a while we did not see too many teams. We knew there were some teams ahead of us, but were not sure if they were mixed, men’s or women’s. Before the longest 15km run we got word from marshals that we were the first female team. Nice! We were now over two hours in, but I had hardly noticed the time passing. We kept to a steady pace, making sure we could easily talk.

The hours of moving started to hit home a few kilometres into the longest and also the hilliest run. We were now close to half way in. Many of the trails were quite technical, needing more effort and focus. We managed to catch a few teams but I hit a low and was finding it a bit difficult to keep up with Ali. Fortunately, the final kilometres of the long run section and the promise of some swimming did wonders for my mood and I was able to overcome the tiredness.

We were catching teams again and for a while I felt we could move up a few more places. But frequent switches between shorter swim and run legs were not in our favour. During the transitions and the aid stations the difference between us and more experienced swimrunners became quite obvious. We were taking much more time getting ourselves together and organized. The gels I had stuffed down my neck were now swimming around somewhere in my wetsuit and I could not reach them. The elastic on the pull buoy was too loose for the run legs. The list of little things that slowed us down was long and there was a lot to learn. But we continued on in good spirits, checking our watches suggested we were going at a sub 6h pace, our best-case scenario time estimate. I was relaxed and it seemed like a simple trek left to the finish.

Then we arrived at the last swim and immediately I was taken aback. The water was very choppy and a strong head wind was blowing across the surface of the water. We hesitantly got in and started swimming. A couple of strokes in I looked back and saw Ali holding on to the kayak. Oh no! Ali assured me and the kayaker she was OK and had just swallowed some water. We continued on with the kayaker following us most of the way. When I turned my head to breathe I could see a rainbow stretched across the sky. Over there, just a few hundred meters away on the shore, it was a beautiful autumn day, but in the water, it was so hostile. It must have been the most difficult 800 meters of swimming I have ever done. When we were out of water we cheered, and hugged. There was still about 1.5km of road running left, but that did not concern us. In the last kilometre we found strength to sprint past another team and plunged towards the finish line smiling and happy. Swimrun had lived up to the expectations – it was the most fun I have had racing!
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Saturday bike session 14th october – INFO

Route – 47km – 29 miles. About as flat as we can get in Scotland. The start and end of the ride has a few sets of traffic lights, junctions etc. There is a potential coffee stop at halfway in the ride but if cold / wet we will
Probably not stop. Route map here: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/1806274580
Abilities – this is what we class as group 1. The average ride speed will be between 20-24kmh. On flat windless roads (ha ha!) we will sit at ~24kmh. Uphills will be done about as slow as we can / need and clearly downhill / tailwind is faster and more fun. Stronger riders will sit at front of group to make it easier for others in the group but must keep to correct pace. I’ll look after this!! All riders of this ability and beyond are welcome but fast folk need to ride easy / sociable and keep within group limits.
Time and place – meet at 8:50-55am departure 9am sharp if possible. FRONT DOORS OF SOAR INTU BRAEHEAD. Return pre 12pm as long as coffee stop is prompt!
A working bike is essential!! Please check your bike the day before the ride. http://www.bikeradar.com/…/how-to-safety-check-a-bike-43297/
Helmet – no helmet, no ride. Please also ensure it fits and is correctly adjusted!!
Spares – please bring spare inner tube, tyre levers and a working pump. I will carry basic tools.
Money and phone.
Clothing: dress for the weather!!! Minimal flappy / loose clothing really helps though!!
Banter – yes please. Bring your best chat / jokes!!!
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Graeme Reid – Brutal Extreme Triathlon – Sept 2017

The Brutal Extreme Tri

The Brutal had been on my radar for a few years ever since stumbling across a TV programme late one night about an ex Welsh rugby player who was doing it but I had been putting it off as too hard or too far away or too something. Recent years has seen it gather some media attention, particularly in 220 Magazine and so earlier this year I decided that the time for procrastinating was over and took the plunge one evening and pressed “Enter”.

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New Training Year Information

Here comes the new training year!!!:

Monday is the start of 2017-18 seasons training. We will have the usual 4 week structure of training building and recovery and also 8 week training objectives.

So for the next 8 weeks (25th September – 19th November) here’s what’s on:
– SCOTSTOUN SWIMS focus on relaxation, technically controlled aerobic swimming with kick and head position work / feedback.
– ALLANDER SWIMS focus on breathing and arm action out of the water / hand entry next 4 weeks, then underwater propulsion / catch 2nd 4 weeks. Small hit of kick training every session.
– BIKE – Wednesday turbo focus on pedalling ability / co-ordination, bike setup and riding position and short hard training hits.
– BIKE – Some weekend organised rides – coach led fortnightly on Saturdays for differing abilities each week.
– MTB SATURDAYS – non coached see Facebook page weekly for info.
– RUN TUESDAYS – longer mixed ability group aerobic warm up and shorter main set with a little tech development and some real pace development work.
– RUN THURSDAYS – strength development, some aerobic mileage and some stuff to make you breathe hard!!
– RUN SUNDAYS – non coached off road base building runs – see Facebook page weekly for info


Wed 27th Sept – 1st Bike turbo of the year – please come and get your off season bike training off to a good start.
Sat 30th Sept – Bike ride road skills coached session in west end – sign up at www.proendurancecoaching.co.uk.
Sat 14th Oct- flatish bike ride from Braehead to Kilmalcolm and back slowish pace 21-24kmh ~2hrs
Sat 21st Oct – PARKRUN – 5th yr Anniversary of Victoria Park Parkrun – Get a benchmark down!!
Sat 28th Oct – Flatish bike ride from braehead to Renfrewshire. Pace 24-27kmh 2.5-3hrs.
Sat 11th November – long ride from Glasgow for strong riders ~100-120k 28-32kmh 3.5-4hrs.
Sat 18th November – PARKRUN – challenge yourself!!

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