Submit Post Without Logging In

Click this link to submit a post to the website without having to log on.


Log in and Submit a Post

Or if you wish to login and submit a news article please follow the instructions below. Note that by logging in your article can be posted straight away, whereas if you do not log in your article will need to wait to be moderated before being published.

Login at this page (opens in a new window)

If you don’t have an account please use this form to request one

Read on to the bottom for how to change your password

Submitting a post

Once logged in you will see the posts page. Select any of the three highlighted ways to create a new post:

This will take you to the New Post page. You are only concerned with the areas highlighted green.

Write Your Content

Give your post a title. Something descriptive but not too long.

Write your content. Note that you have some formatting options in the tool bar but the only way to chance font size or style is to use the drop down box where you will find various ‘heading’ style and the ‘paragraph’ style which should be used for the bulk of your text

Add and links using the link button on the toolbar.

Add any photos or pictures using the ‘add media’ button

Select Categories

Very important step. Select a category or multiple categories for your post. for two reasons:

By default, all posts will show on the news page, however, the category / categories that you select will determine which other parts of the website you post will show up on.

Once your post is published, automatic notifications with an excerpt of you post and a link are sent to the Fusion Facebook page, the Juniors and Seniors Facebook discussion groups and the Youth Champs Facebook page. These auto-updates will only happen if you choose the appropriate categories.

Preview, Save Draft and Submit for Review

At any time along the way you can click the ‘preview’ button to see what your post will look like when it is published.

Also, at any point along the way you can click the save draft button and come back to edit your post another time.

Once you are happy click ‘submit for review’. Your post will be saved and the administrators will get a notification to review your post. Once reviewed they will then publish it. Your post will be live on the website and notifications will be set to the appropriate Facebook groups (provided you chose the correct categories).

Publish Without Submitting for Review

Once you have submitted a few posts and no editing has been required the administrators will assign you rights to publish posts directly without review. When that happens the ‘submit for review’ button will be replaced by a ‘publish’ button. Once pressed your post will be live.

Changing your password / username / contact details

Should you wish to change any of these, login using the link at the top of the page and click on profile

Scroll down the page to see the options for changing your email address and display name

Scroll further down to the password section.


If you want to change your password, click on “generate password”

a long and complex password will be generated for you.

If you do not wish to use this then simply overwrite it with your preferred password.

When you are done be sure to click on ‘Update Profile’