Fusion training sessions cater for a whole range of athletes and abilities.

At any given session you could be training alongside Junior Elite’s, Age Group Champions and athletes from the Super Vets and Vintage categories. There are some who train every day to eek out every last bit of performance and some who come to enjoy the craic and keep fit. We all have one goal in common though. That is to continually improve and get faster!

Fusion training is delivered by highly experienced coaches who devise an annual plan that focuses on improving athletes performance and abilities by addressing key factors such as functional and technical ability, base aerobic ability, strength and strength endurance, race speed work and skills.

The Junior section are catered for with their own annual plan and specific training sessions. See the Junior Section here.  Juniors are also welcome to join in at adult training sessions if they meet the criteria in this policy (policy link to follow) and at the discretion of the coaches.  If you are a junior and wish to join in the adult training sessions please speak to one of the coaches in the first instance.