Annual Plan

Our Annual Plan, devised by Pro Endurance Coaching, works progressively through the year building towards race season. The plan is designed around training phases each with specific training goals and adaptations and lasting between four and eight weeks

This programme of periodised training is the reason why so many athletes including novices, single sport athletes, world age group and elite champions make so much progress and have helped our club grow so successfully.

The programme is delivered for all abilities and  easily tailored for different goals and race dates. If you have an upcoming goal or target race speak to the coaches at one of the training sessions who will be happy to give you specific instructions for the session.

The four week training cycle

Training runs in a four week repeating cycle. Each new cycle the training focus will shift to follow training phase laid out in the annual plan.

  • Week one introduces a new target or focus
  • Week two builds on this by adding a some volume and / or intensity
  • Week three (big week) takes the volume and / or intensity even higher
  • Week four (recovery week) will see a significant reduction in intensity and / or volume. It’s the easiest week of the cycle, allowing the body to rest and adapt before moving on to the next cycle

Annual Plan Training Phases

Nothing from 31st May 2018 to 31st May 2020.