Junior Membership

Fusion Membership

If you are a prospective new member of the club, then we promise you high-quality coaching at all times.  In practice, this is only possible with a broadly similar range of abilities and commitment among our athletes.  So to allow us to keep our promise and to make sure you are happy in the club, we would like to meet you first before promoting you to full club membership.
Please register via this link, and we will review your application. The date of the next trial session will be detailed within: http://www.entrycentral.com/fusion-triathlon-juniors

By completing the entry form, you book a place at the next trial for new members. We would ask that you make this trial session your first session with the club.  If that sounds scary, don’t worry, because we’ll make it fun — like all our training sessions!  Also it is no problem if you are new to triathlon:  We only ask that you are able to swim four lengths of front crawl with your face in the water and that you have a helmet and bike in good working order.  With the approval of our lead coaches, you then become a full club member for the year and can continue to attend training sessions.  You only actually pay your membership fee when you become a full member.

Triathlon Scotland Membership

We would also encourage you to take out a membership with Triathlon Scotland.

Benefits include insurance cover whilst training, eligibility for ranking series points, discounts on race entry and discount codes for various triathlon related brands and products.
Triathlon Scotland is the national governing body, they oversee the operation of the sport, sanction races to ensure they are safe, operate coaching qualifications and run the national performance squads. Being a member helps support their work. Further details are here: www.triathlonscotland.org/join